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January 20, 2015

This flyer is a teaser for the upcoming February 2015 issue of the ICT4AG magazine, and has been created for use at the GODAN meeting taking place in Wageningen from 19-22 January 2015. 

This issue of the magazine has been developed, written and edited by the CTA interns, to bring a new angle to the discussion and to give a voice to young leaders in agriculture and rural development.


Download your copy of the teaser 


The complete issue of the magazine, will be available in French and English, and contains a discussion of the background information on these topics and the challenges around open data. The youth voice is strongly represented, in addition to information on GODAN, an agenda with upcoming events and other practical ICT tools for agriculture, such as Aquacrop, a FAO designed model that simulates yield response to water of herbaceous crops. 


1 Editorial:Data Revolution for Agriculture

2 Who we are

IFPRI:Data revolution for action

3 Women in Tech: Interview with Jacinta Were

Tools 2.0: Vivo and Agriprofiles

GODANA vanguard global partnership4

Participatory Data:Interview with Giacomo Rambaldi

Events 2015

Make sure you get your copy of the February 2015 issue!

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The ICT4Ag Teaser Editorial Team

Eva Huet is a Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation intern from Belgium, with interests in mapping land use and sustainable agriculture for indigenous knowledge. be.linkedin.com/pub/eva-huet/22/b9/189/fr

Mikaïla Issa is a journalist & communicator in social media innovation and ICT4Ag from Benin and is an intern in Knowledge Management & Communication. @mikailaissa  

Ana Brandusescu is a geographer & Participatory Geographic Information Systems intern from Canada & Romania, interested in mapping, closed/open data visualisation, and connecting tech to non-tech audiences. @anabmap 

LaureenReeves Ndagire is a Knowledge Management intern coming from Uganda with a great interest in knowledge sharing to benefit farmers. @lolafootloose

Jean Claude Nduwimana from Rwanda is an intern in building viable delivery models for ICT4Ag with an interest in Information & Technology. @nduwiman