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Youth at the helm of this month’s ICT Update

February 17, 2015

This month’s ICT Update has a decidedly youthful feel about it.

Group photo Intern 380Five CTA interns organised the content for the February issue of the CTA magazine on ICT4Ag, which takes the Data Revolution for Agriculture as its theme. Ana Brandusescu, Eva Huet, Mikaïla Issa, Laureene Reeves Ndagire and Jean-Claude Nduwimana wrote the feature on Participatory 3D modelling (P3DM), as well as the editorial, the events page and biographies of people interviewed. They also conducted much of the research for other articles.

“We had identified the need to attract younger readers to ICT Update so the idea of turning this issue over to the interns was to give the magazine a fresh perspective,” said Chris Addison, who is in charge of editorial coordination for ICT Update.  

Focusing on the issue of open data for agriculture, this month’s issue outlines how making knowledge more widely available can help in the battle to increase agricultural production and food security. Open data can harness vast quantities of knowledge from a wide range of sources: indigenous practices, new technologies, tacit knowledge, policy implementation and much more.

The magazine presents some practical ICT tools to be used in the data revolution for agriculture. And perhaps it is no coincidence that four figures profiled as developers of solutions to make agricultural knowledge more widely available are themselves young people, from Ghana, Rwanda, Suriname and Vanuatu.  

Features in the February issue include P3DM, a crop water productivity model developed and distributed by FAO, two tacit knowledge discovery tools, an application to promote access to credit and financial services for smallholder farmers and mobile apps for fisheries stocks. There is an article on cloud computing, a profile of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODAN), a look at the role of African libraries in making open data available and an appeal from a senior International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) researcher for a nutrition data revolution to drive intensified action in tackling malnutrition.