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Using ICTs to strengthen agricultural value chains in the Caribbean

A CTA Policy pointers publication

February 26, 2015

Agricultural value chains in the Caribbean need to be better organised and strengthened to help the region reduce food losses and imports. But agricultural market chains in the region are commonly constrained by poor exchange and accessibility of information. New information and communication technologies (ICTs) offer solutions to these constraints.

Policy Pointer Caribbean Value chains CoverThe Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), recently completed a report on the uptake and use of ICTs in the roots and tubers and small ruminants value chains in the Caribbean.

Key points

The following ‘key points’ were identified in collaboration with regional stakeholders:

• Increase awareness of the benefits of ICTs to the agriculture sector and build capacities at all levels, including farmers and producers.

• Build agricultural e-services that deliver information such as on land issues, special incentives and rebates and those that offer agri-business support.

• Support the development of online trade to facilitate links between producers, markets and consumers.

• Support greater involvement of young people in the sector to contribute to its modernisation, in particular through use of ICTs.

• Enhance use of ICTs in extension services.

• Promote the development of e-agriculture strategies.

• Improve regional coordination and harmonisation of efforts supporting ICT in agriculture.

• Modernise ICT infrastructure.