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CTA staff raises voice to celebrate the International Women’s day 2015

March 8, 2015

At the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), to mark the International Women's Day on March 8, 2015, our female staff (and some male colleagues) decided to share their thoughts and send a special message to raise awareness on the important role of women in agriculture to help feed the population in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. 

1 Photo Woldetsadick Tarikua Getachew4Tarikua  Woldetsadick, Associate Programme Coordinator LME from Ethiopia

"I often wonder how knowledge can help advance the influence of women on agriculture. The answer is simple: knowledge is power; especially in this age of fast growing ICTs. By providing women with the knowledge they need we give them power: the power of choice, the power of opportunities and the power of technologies. That is the core idea behind CTA’s new Gender Strategy.’’

2 Photo Nawsheen Hosenally4Nawsheen Hosenally, ICT4Ag Assistant-PMI & CTA Ardyis from Mauritius

"My special thoughts on this day goes to all women and young girls who are directly and indirectly contributing to agricultural and rural development. Especially those who are in rural areas who are doing what they can, with what they have. Today is my day, your day, our day. Let’s be proud of ourselves, our courage & determination, our achievements, and let’s continue working towards making this world a better place - without hunger and poverty!"

3 Photo Laureene Reeves Ndagire4Laureene Reeves Ndagire, Intern KMC from Uganda

"Would the food system fall apart without women farmers? Maybe and maybe not. However, For every dollar a woman earns, she invests 80 cents in her family. I have seen women put to use less than an acre of land; they grow food and raise animals on the same piece of land where their home is built. And for this, I strongly believe that investment in women small holder farmers will see a significant shift in the global food security debate."

isolinabotoIsolina Boto, Manager CTA Brussels Office from Spain

"CTA support to the improvement of rural women across the ACP is a must when we look at our work with the Caribbean Network of Rural Women Producers (CANROP) and Women in Business  Development in the Pacific. They have gained stronger voice in policy fora, increased their market access, improved their knowledge management skills. Therefore, it is critical to strengthen the economic opportunities of women’s farmers and processors through sound agricultural, trade and investment policies as well as capacity building and professional development."

5 Photo Evelyne Kort NerincxEvelyne Kort-Nerincx,  Administrative Assistant from Belgium

« Que serait le monde sans les femmes ? Que ce soit dans le milieu de l’agriculture ou autres secteurs : les femmes sont courageuses, travaillent, s’occupent de la maison et de la famille et ne se plaignent jamais. Que leur bravoure, leur mérite et leurs inlassables efforts soient toujours reconnus au-delà de la journée du 08 mars».  

("What would the world be like without women? Either in agriculture or any other sector: brave women, hard workers, who take care of the household and the family, and never complain. May their courage, merit and unrelentless effort be recognised beyond 8 March.")

6 Photo Ellen MulderEllen Mulder, Project Assistant PMI from Netherlands 

“The day we don’t require an International Women’s Day anymore, is the day gender equality has become a fact”.

7 Photo Marloes PalsMarloes Pals, Project Assistant PMI from Netherlands

"Willing or not many people still thinking women don’t work as hard as men… This kind of thought has no more sense in this 21st century. Women are taking great responsibilities and are delivering good results to benefit their community. Together let’s Make It Happen more and more.’’ 

8 Photo Gabriela Goncalves BahreGabriela Gonçalves Bahre, Data Assistant KMC from Portugal

"To mark this International Women’s Day, I quote the philosopher Angela Davis: "To understand how any society functions you must understand the relationship between the men and the women...’’
9 Photo Merche Rodriguez

Merche Rodriguez, Project Assistant KMC from Spain

"Of all living creatures and over all the centuries, women are the ones who have been most discriminated against… They still are. Their contribution to our lives is priceless. Even in the 21st century, rural women still have to toil in the field to feed their family." 

Our director, Michael Hailu, as well as our colleague, Samson VilvilFare, also shared their thoughts.

Hailu200Michael Hailu, CTA Director, from Ethiopia

"As we celebrate International Women’s Day and the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, we must redouble our efforts to empower rural women who are often forgotten yet produce as much as 50% the food in developing countries. We are pleased with our partnership with CANROP and the results they have achieved in improving their visibility, membership drive and accessing new markets."


Samson VilvilFare, Programme Coordinator Intra-ACP APP from Vanuatu

Samson"On the international day of women, I cannot think of a better message than to say that our ACP women are the most resilient in the world. They are faced with many challenges everyday and yet they managed to overcome everything and stood up with their head high. No matter what life throws at them, they are still standing strong because of their resilience."#ACPWomenRresilient