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CTA’s International Conferences

Impacting organisations, impacting lives

CTA’s international conferences on Agricultural extension and rural advisory services (Nairobi, 2011) and on Value Chains for Transforming Smallholder Agriculture (Addis Ababa, 2012) have allowed us to reach a total of 875 experts, farmers, policymakers and other professionals working in the agricultural sector.

"Based on the interaction with various participants and presenters at the 2011 Extension Conference, I widened my network and also got ideas on new areas of research".
Director of the National Research Institute of Kenya (NRIK)

"Following the 2012 Value Chains Conference, we published a handbook on Structured Trade and launched the Ethiopia Grain Chapter along with other organisations that we met up with at the event".
East African Grain Council (EAGC)

These are just two examples of testimonies from participants at CTA's annual international conferences that since 2011 have become the major African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) event to attend.

A combined total of 259 organisations representing the public and private sector as well as diverse types of ACP and non-ACP international development organisations have attended these conferences.

Their success is attributed to the numerous CTA partners that contribute to the organisation, both financially and in-kind. We have partnered with 30 organisations and raised a total of nearly €400,000.

What has been the impact on the participating professionals, organisations and networks?

With the publication of these two impact assessment reports, CTA demonstrates that there are a number of concrete outcomes and impact from our conferences that extend further than CTA's direct partners and participants at the events.

The networks established at the events have led to fundraising and partnership opportunities for our organisations; individual experts have gained new opportunities, expanded their skills and improved the lives of their direct beneficiaries through their work. Policies have changed and new concepts have been adopted and pursued as a consequence of our conferences.

IA Report CTA VC Conference 300IA Report CTA VC Conference   IA Report Innovation 300