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CTA-supported programmes shortlisted for 2015 WSIS Awards

April 17, 2015

A CTA project and a collaborative programme in which the organisation is closely involved have been nominated for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Project Prizes 2015. The CTA youth-focused programme ‘Agriculture, Rural Development and Youth in the Information Society’ (ARDYIS) has been shortlisted for this year’s WSIS award in category 13 (e-agriculture), while the ‘Information Management Resource Kit’ (IMARK) global programme, of which CTA is a founder member, has been nominated in category 9 (e-learning). The winners of prizes will be selected from the three initiatives receiving the most votes in each category. The online vote will close on 1 May 2015.

ARDYIS infographic EnEach year, the WSIS Project Prizes recognise stakeholders’ efforts in adding value to society and their commitment towards achieving WSIS’s goals. The contest provides a platform to showcase success stories and models that can be easily replicated and that can empower communities at the local level. In 2013, CTA's project ‘Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunities’ won the WSIS Project Prize for the e-agriculture category.

The CTA ARDYIS programme aims at increasing opportunities for youth in agriculture in ACP countries through information and communication technologies (ICTs) and at boosting their capacities in using these tools to support agricultural development. It targets  people under 35 years old. Key activities include the ‘Youth in Agriculture Blog Competition’ (YoBloCo Awards) and the ‘AgriHack Talent’ programme (which promotes the role of young people in development of ICT applications and entrepreneurship in agriculture).

“We are very proud of this nomination!” said Ken Lohento, who is, among others, in charge of the ARDYIS project at CTA. “We hope to win in order to better put into limelight issues in relation with youth in agriculture. We would like to count on the votes of all stakeholders who care about youth issues.”

220px ImarkSince 2004, IMARK has been the key international forum for dialogue and promotion of courses related to information and knowledge management for development. CTA is one of 13 organisations involved in the initiative, whose e-learning courses have been accessed by more than 200,000 learners throughout the world, including government officials, non-governmental organisations, United Nations and development agency staff and universities and academic institutions.

Currently 11 courses are available for free through the IMARK website. Two new courses are being developed in the field of knowledge management and mobile services for development.

“The nomination of IMARK for the WSIS prize in the e-learning category is a tribute to the excellent collaborative efforts of the 13 organisations, along with numerous partners, to strengthen capacity on information management, especially serving agricultural and rural development,” said Krishan Bheenick, Senior Programme Coordinator, Knowledge Management at CTA, currently coordinating CTA’s contribution to IMARK.

All voters must vote for one project from each of the 18 categories for their choice to be considered valid.

For each category, the winner will be chosen from among the three projects with the largest number of votes. The results will be announced at the WSIS Forum 2015, due to be held from 25 to 29 May in Geneva, Switzerland.

Please vote for ARDYIS and IMARK and read the instructions on how to vote here