ICTs for Development

Markets and Value Chains

ICT uptake and usage in agricultural value chains in the Caribbean

A regional synthesis

June 17, 2015
  • Caribbean

Agricultural value chains in the Caribbean need to be better organised and strengthened to help the region reduce food losses and imports. But agricultural market chains in the region are commonly constrained by poor exchange and accessibility of information. New information and communication technologies (ICTs) offer solutions to these constraints.

The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), recently completed a report on the uptake and use of ICTs in value chains in the Caribbean.

The report includes case studies and analyses of the use of ICT platforms and solutions such as:

  • Cover kenMinistries of Agriculture and Marine Resources websites
  • Procurement management systems for the hospitality industry
  • Text messaging system for wholesale prices
  • National agricultural market information systems
  • National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) BBM usage
  • Mobile messaging apps for agricultural activities
  • Livestock management mobile apps
  • Christiana Potato Growers Association platforms
  • Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)
  • Extension ICT Services
  • CaFAN Agri-food Talkshow
  • Marketing and National Imports Boards
  • mFisheries
  • D’Market movers  


Some international examples have been provided as potential models. A focus has been put on the roots and tubers and small ruminants chains. Key recommendations have been made. The report was presented to the Caribbean ministers of agriculture during the Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA 2014) in Suriname and was very well received.


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