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Caribbean Value Chains Alliance at Denbigh Show, Jamaica

August 4, 2015

Members of the Caribbean Value Chains Alliance attended the 63rd Annual Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show as guests of Senator Norman Grant, President of the Jamaican Agricultural Society.

The Alliance is the brainchild of The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), the Sandals Foundation and Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN). The Alliance is a private-sector-led market-driven programme that brings together farmers, traders, food processers, marketers, buyers and financiers to demonstrate how linking farmers to markets can increase the livelihoods of all involved in these so-called ‘value chains’, boosting jobs, incomes and food security. These strong, profitable and inclusive value chains are the key to a bright future for agriculture in the region, one that will attract investors, entrepreneurs, young people and women.

Mr Jethro Greene, Chief Coordinator, Caribbean Farmers Network, and Mr Juan Cheaz, leader of the Alliance project for CTA, were both invited to speak at the closing ceremony of the Show, giving them the opportunity to introduce the project’s goals and visions to the assembled dignitaries, farmers and agribusinesses.

In her closing speech, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson-Miller, said “I commend the Jamaican farmers – you are part of the backbone of our country.” There are more than 230,000 farmers in Jamaica, and recent programmes have helped boost their contribution to the nation’s food security and finances.

The Denbigh Show is the largest of its kind in the Caribbean and attracted delegations from 45 countries.