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CTA joins ASIWA, the Alliance for the Seed Industry in West Africa

September 4, 2015
  • West Africa

CTA has become a member the Alliance for the Seed Industry in West Africa (ASIWA) at  a meeting jointly organized by ECOWAS, UEMOA and CILSS in Abidjan on 3-6 August 2015.

Seed fair 860"This is an important milestone for CTA to join this Alliance and a big step towards the implementation of its regional business plan for West Africa’’ said Dr Youssouf Camara, Senior Programme Coordinator, Agricultural Policy and Value Chains who attended the meeting representing CTA. 

The objectives of the meeting were two-fold:

  1. to share with and sensitise a global stakeholder audience on the ASIWA concept for buy-in.
  2. to officially launch a common regional seed committee and  hold its first statutory meeting.

ASIWA provides a framework for stakeholders to come together and collaborate on efforts to increase production, supply and use of quality seeds in West Africa. The joint participation of private sector companies, national and regional governmental agencies and development actors ensures that ASIWA integrates the specific needs, objectives and resources of each stakeholders group members of the Alliance. The effective involvement of stakeholders and consideration of their specificities (both in terms of demands/expectations and contributions) help ensure that ASIWA will establish an appropriate programme that will lead to the development of the private seed sector in West Africa.

Key regional partners of ASIWA include: national agricultural research services, CGIAR, AGRA, FAO, universities, AfricaSeed (former African Seed Network), the NEPAD Agency, FARA and other regional and international organisations.