CTA Regional Business Plans


New directions for targeted outcomes

While CTA continues to work on global programmes, it has chosen to refocus many of its activities at the regional level, clustering interventions around the priorities of each region. CTA works in six ACP regions: the Caribbean, central Africa, eastern Africa, the Pacific, southern Africa and western Africa.

As part of this process, CTA has developed a medium-term regional business plan for each region. These support regional efforts to increase agricultural productivity, build efficient agricultural value chains and markets and promote climate-smart agriculture. While these challenges are common to all ACP regions, they need to be addressed according to each region's particular constraints and opportunities.

The Regional Business Plans explain the background and rationale for CTA’s approach in that region, set out the priorities identified by CTA in consultation with its partners and other stakeholders and describe the type of activities that CTA plans to undertake and catalyse during the period 2015–2017.