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Brussels Briefing 43: Emerging donors & rising powers

October 26, 2015

Around 150 participants from policy-makers and representatives of EU Member States, embassies of African, Caribbean and African (ACP) countries, civil society groups, research networks and international organisations based in Brussels are expected to attend the 43rd edition of the Brussels Briefings on Tuesday 27 October 2015 to discuss key challenges and new opportunities to enhance South-South and Triangular cooperation.

Africa has gone through a remarkable decade of economic transformation. Links with traditional partners face profound changes and relations continue to develop with emerging partners. The economic independence that African economies are gaining from globalisation can be sustained if countries draw up their own development policies and coordinate them at regional and continentals level to better negotiate with their traditional and emerging partners. 

Organised by CTA, the ACP Secretariat, the European Commission, Concord, and in collaboration with the French agricultural research and international cooperation organisation (CIRAD), the Briefing will review successes and lessons learned from research and practice, promote the exchange of information on best practices and drivers of success, and feed into the debate various perspectives on policy options. 

Date and time: 27 October 2015, 9:00-13:00.

Location: ACP Secretariat, 451 Avenue Georges Henri, 1200 Brussels, room C.

Please register online to attend the Briefing.