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Meet the ICT4Ag innovators at Durban Plug & Play Event

November 3, 2015

CTA is organising a Plug & Play event at the Global Forum on Innovations in Agriculture, Africa Edition, on Monday, 30 November 2015 in the run-up to the main GFIA Africa event. The focus of the event is on ‘ICTs for Sustainably Increasing Productivity.’

Plug & Play: Tech-Dating for Agriculture events showcase ICT innovations for agricultural and rural development. They provide a platform for innovators to present ICT solutions that have proven their worth in a local setting to investors and others who can help them take them to the next level and roll them out internationally.

Participants get a hands-on introduction to each innovation, with the innovators given the chance to highlight what is new, and what is working out in the field. Participants include the ICT innovators themselves; agricultural value-chain actors; potential investors; donors; and policy-makers.

A recent Plug & Play event at the African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services' Africa-wide Agricultural Extension Week meeting in Addis Ababa, 12–16 October 2015, brought together innovators and extension professionals to discuss the potential of ICTs for rural advisory or extension services. This highlighted the need to raise awareness of the potential of these ICT solutions among all stakeholders, from developers through to farmers and for greater training in ICTs for extension workers and farmers.

The developers gained a lot of insight from extension practitioners that will help them refine their platforms and make them more useful in practice and help the developers build their business models.
Innovations that will be presented at GFIA Africa range from a platform that allows farmers to join forces in a virtual farmers' cooperative to boost their buying and selling power to one that helps farmers identify the best use for their land based on local and global information on land potential.

Watch the video for more information on CTA's Plug & Play events