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Spreading Agricultural Innovations through Pixels

CTA’s Top 20 innovations that smallholder farmers believe in, summarised and illustrated in colourful easy-to-print posters

December 3, 2015

In late 2013, CTA embarked on a journey to discover what innovations in agriculture were taking place under the radar in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). The project aimed to unearth and boost the awareness of the many innovations that research organisations, universities, extension services and farmers have developed and are being used by smallholder farmers.

More than 250 submissions were received from 49 countries. The final Top 20 innovations were selected through an exhaustive and inclusive process: after a panel of experts from ACP regions and Europe shortlisted the best 40 projects, it was farmers' organisations from Africa and the Caribbean who decided on the final 20 which are now showcased. The winning case innovators were each given a grant of €5,000 to document and elaborate their innovative projects and invited to a cross-learning workshop to finalize their posters, brochures and guidebooks.

According to Judith A. Francis, CTA's Top 20 innovations coordinator, "Knowledge from multiple sources is being used to transform the agricultural enterprise and there is no exception. Innovation is taking place and should be supported by governments, the private sector and funding agencies." For her, the Top 20 Innovations should be promoted through different channels and among different audiences so that they can eventually be upscaled for the benefit of smallholder farming and agricultural transformation.

The Nari PNG innovation is one example which shows the correlation between research, innovation and enterprise development and awareness and benefits of innovation in agriculture. The project has developed low-cost feeds for poultry farmers in Papua New Guinea and 60,000 smallholder farmers are using them in their broiler production and reaping the benefits from the cost savings. Feed costs have been reduced by 14-30% while profitability has increased. This is just an example of the impact the CTA Top 20 innovations are having on famers.

Click on the posters below and share them in your network. They tell the story of what each innovation is about.

Petrykowska Weather forecast1

 Ouma M Fodder HR1

Nonie Cassava Dryer1

 Nkaundu Farmer Ownership Model HR1

Njoka Chelelang HR1

Mwinama POMP HR1

MFK Aflatoxin HR1

 La Place Climate Smart HR1

Kohun Chicken feed HR1

Kimathi Solar power HR1

Kenaff Farmer cooperative HR1

Hagan Improving chicken performance HR1

 Degrande RRC HR1

Damba Digital extension HR1

Dagno Low cost bioherbicide HR1

Chilenga Local Fertilizer HR1

Baoua Millet head miner HR1

Ayembilla Barakuk HR1

Attah Farmerline HR1

Aduko Want to increase your maize yield HR1