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Watch CTA's video reports on the two key side events it co-organised at the climate summit, COP21, in Paris in December 2015

At a side event held at the Paris climate change talks, COP21, some concrete examples illustrated what can be achieved when individuals and organisations combat the effects of changing climate patterns and extreme weather events through innovative solutions. Another important side event held two days later, highlighted how countries are leading the way by including action on agriculture in their Intended Nationally Determined Commitments (INDCs). These are commitments that governments were asked to make in the run-up to this month’s crucial COP21 meeting in the French capital.

A side event organised on 4 December 2015 at COP21 showcased practical solutions for combating the effects of changing climate patterns and extreme weather events, which affect the productivity, costs and competitiveness of farming. The session, Scaling up innovative approaches to climate-smart agriculture in Africa, heard that climate-smart agriculture has strong potential to help farmers adapt to and mitigate climate change. But although small-scale producers in some countries are already reaping the benefits, there is an urgent need to spread information and scale up proven practices to other users and areas.

Another event organised at the COP21 summit by CTA and partners on 6 December 2015, brought together representatives from agriculture, forestry, water, energy, law and finance to debate how to leverage a historic opportunity for shaping the world's development agenda in decades to come. Held as part of the Global Landscapes Forum, widely considered to be the world's leading platform for discussing land-use issues, the session was dubbed From farmers’ fields to landscapes: food security in a new climate regime.


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