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Narrowing the agricultural knowledge gap in Africa

In March 2016, 78 CTA publications in Portuguese arrived at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of the Republic of Mozambique.

April 8, 2016
  • Southern Africa

In agricultural institutions and ministries across Africa, there is a wide agricultural knowledge discrepancy. However, this knowledge gap, if correctly addressed, can be translated into better agricultural productivity, market access and wealth creation.

To widen access to knowledge, CTA reacted to a request from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security of the Republic of Mozambique (MASA) by delivering 78 technical publications to empower the Ministry’s capacity to respond to the country’s agricultural information needs.

Publications to improve staff knowledge

Dr Sandra Silva, director at the MASA National Agricultural Extension Directorate (DNEA-MASA) received the publications. She believes the materials will be very useful in improving staff capacity. "These publications can help us a lot in terms of literature and will also help our extension officers, researchers and extension programme managers" she said in a letter addressed to the CTA director, Michael Hailu.

The need for information to strengthen MASA was also expressed by Ms Mirza Lobo, communications specialist at the Technical Support Department of DNEA-MASA, who initiated the exchange between the two institutions.

Ms Lobo knew little about CTA's Publications Distribution Service before she met Krishan Bheenick, Senior Programme Coordinator, Knowledge Management at CTA at the East Africa Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Policy Dialogue meeting in Kampala, which she attended with the director of Agricultural Extension.

"During my participation [at the] conference organised by African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services in Uganda in June 2015, I met Krishan Bheenick and I came to know that CTA has a number of publications written in Portuguese," she explained.

As the focal point for the Mozambican Forum for Agricultural Extension Services, Ms Lobo looked through CTA's publications catalogue and then expressed interest in receiving publications on key thematic and practical areas for MASA. These areas included agricultural extension services, animal health and production, food hygiene and nutrition, communications and management knowledge, value chains and agricultural trade, environment and natural resources, production and plant protection, postharvest processes and transformation; rural infrastructure and equipment, and technologies and innovation.

CTA publications for ACP regions

Every year CTA publishes quality technical information to respond to the information needs of ACP agricultural stakeholders. The publications are distributed free-of-charge to ACP organisations and networks and are also accessible online via the CTA publishing website and CTA's open data archive on CGSpace.

CTA's publication catalogue offers more than 600 titles covering different topics in agriculture and rural development in English, French and – to a limited extent – in Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili. CTA's open data archive on CGSpace contains around 12,484 reports, articles, press releases, presentations, videos, and policy briefs.

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