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Multiple Framework Contracts for the Conclusion of a Number of Specific Contracts for Publishing-related Services

Service contract notice - Questions and answers

July 8, 2016

Question 1: Can you tell us the current rates?
Answer: As this is a competitive process, we cannot provide this type of information. Tenderers are therefore free to propose their rates.

Question 2: What is technical editing/rewriting?
Answer: Editing and rewriting of texts that are written in the original language, requiring significant modifications to enhance readability (consistency, removing repetitions, fluency, syntax or content validation ...). This work may require skills in the relevant thematic area.

Question 3: What is technical writing?
Answer: The writing of technical texts in the thematic areas described in Paragraph 2 of the contract notice.

Question 4: Can several parties (different companies) be selected for the same lot and share it?
Answer: Yes. Between two and eight framework contractors per lot are needed, to be able to organise a mini-competition when awarding specific contracts.

Question 5: If a company uses independent consultants to perform part of the work, should this be seen as sub-contracting or a consortium arrangement?
Answer: This market is open only to legal persons. Therefore, a consortium can only consist of legal persons. However, the consortium can also have sub-contractor (legal or natural persons).

Question 6: Will offers for a specific service need to follow the prices as indicated in the offer?
Answer: The prices in the bids are included in the annex of the framework contracts with the successful bidders. One of the criteria for awarding a specific contract to a framework contractor is compliance of prices compared to his/her framework contract.

Question 7: It is requested to provide an overview of the technical staff in charge (permanent staff, other personnel) over the last three years as well as a summary of their professional skills (2 pages). What does technical staff mean here?
Answer: The technical or specialised staff that the bidder is proposing regarding the lot(s) for which the bidder is tendering.

Question 8: It is requested to provide a financial offer indicating the fees for a range of unit prices (for example, depending on the level of expertise), and this is requested for each lot for which the bidder makes an offer. Does a price range or a single price need to be specified for the different lots in which we want to participate?
Answer: It is not mandatory to provide a price range. However, using a price range allows for variable factors such as the level of expertise (for some lots) or a projected inflation rate. Please note that no price revisions are allowed for the duration of the framework contract.

Question 9: Does CTA have a model bid package to provide to bidders?
Answer: In some cases, CTA has provided templates for the requested documents, such as CVs, to be able to better evaluate the bids. In this case, the documents required are relatively simple. It is important that all the required documents are included in the bid, properly numbered (A to I), and meet all the criteria for the evaluation of bids (Paragraph 13 of the contract notice).

Question 10: Can you please tell us what is meant by a document issued by a recognised and competent authority according to national law and customs, certifying that the tenderer is duly registered in an eligible country? Is it a copy of an EU passport, or a registration of the company in the Chamber of Commerce, or a recent tax statement with name / company name?
Answer: This market is open only to legal persons. Therefore, the document to be provided shall certify that the company submitting the tender is duly registered in an eligible country. The document may take the form of e.g. a registration of the company in the Chamber of Commerce or a recent tax statement with company name.

Question 11: Section 11 E, F, G and H all have page number recommendations (between 1 and 2 pages). If a candidate is tendering for more than one lot, e.g. three lots, would Section 11 F for example still need to be 2 pages in total, or would it be 2 pages of content for each lot and therefore 6 pages in total?
Answer: If a candidate is applying for a large number of lots, the number of pages of Documents E, F, G and H can be increased to the extent reasonably necessary. As far as possible, the number of pages indicated should be respected in the tenders.

Question 12: Could you clarify the information to be provided regarding "...and the annual value of the services provided with respect to the lot(s) for which the candidate is tendering, over the last three years".
Answer: If a candidate is applying for e.g. Lot C.2 – Photo search, it has to provide the annual value of the services it has delivered in relation to photo search over the last three years.

Question 13: In regards to a declaration regarding annual turnover and annual turnover value of service: Do you require a detailed breakdown off all the figures from each job done for CTA or can it just be a declaration of overall amounts in the past three years?
Answer: A declaration of overall turnover amounts and overall annual values of the services provided (to CTA and other companies) with respect to the lot(s) for which the candidate is tendering is sufficient.

Question 14: In regards to succinct references: do we need to supply reference from other companies that we have done work for? Or does this need to be a reference from CTA on work we have done?
Answer: References should be related to the lot(s) for which the candidate is tendering and provided for both work which has been done for CTA (if applicable) and other companies for which you may have done similar / relevant work.