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Call for expression of interest - Answers to questions asked by the companies invited to submit tenders

August 1, 2016

1. What is the content management system that is used for the Spore website?

Answer: The content management system is currently Joomla! 3.4.8.

2. Is the budget of €1.32 million for one year or the entire four-year contract period?

Answer: The budget is for the entire four-year contract period.

3. Section IV. Selection and awarding criteria 14.1.B: A sworn statement dated at least 90 days as of the date of submission, to be prepared on company letterhead, signed by the candidate, certifying that the candidate is NOT in one of the following exclusion situations...
Should the 'sworn declaration' be signed by two witnesses or is a declaration signed by the director of the company/organisation (candidate) sufficient?

Answer: It is sufficient for the sworn statement to be signed by an authorized person representing the company/organisation.

4. Managing Editor and ownership of the editorial content?

Answer: The Director of CTA is the Managing Editor of the publication. The intellectual property rights of original texts produced for the print and electronic versions of Spore will be subject to a sharing agreement with equal rights between CTA and the bidder awarded the contract (the Contractor). Both parties (CTA and the Contractor) will be free to re-use the texts for their own use. Regarding use by third parties, there are two different cases:
Articles can be freely reproduced by third parties for non-commercial use if 1) they are credited as coming from Spore and mention the copyright and 2) one of the two parties (CTA or the Contractor) has agreed prior to reproduction by third parties.
For commercial use, articles published in Spore can be reproduced by third parties if 1) they are credited as coming from Spore and mention the copyright and 2) both parties (CTA and the Contractor) have agreed prior to reproduction by third parties.
As far as the illustrations (photographs, infographics, etc.) are concerned, the Contractor will negotiate the transfer of usage rights for the print and electronic versions on behalf of CTA with the rights holders on a case-by-case basis. The intellectual property rights to the design of the print version and the source codes of the electronic versions will remain under the sole ownership of CTA.

5. Is the printing of the magazines included in the services that you expect from us?

Answer: No.

6. What is the print run for the French and English versions of Spore?

Answer: The current print run is 42,000 copies, of which 22,000 are in English and 20,000 are in French.

7. What are the technical specifications for the print versions? Is the number of pages fixed or can it depend on the number of pages of advertising?

Answer: Four issues of Spore are produced and printed every year in English and French, on a quarterly basis. The print issues have the following specifications:
• Format: 210 mm x 275 mm (closed) – 420 mm x 275 mm (open)
• Number of pages: 44 pages + 4 cover pages
• Pages 2, 3 and 4 of the cover are reserved for advertising inserts.
The number of pages could increase depending on the success of paid advertising in the future.

8. Will our staff be expected to travel? If so, how often?

Answer: Three or four people (for example: editorial manager, editors-in-chief of the French and English versions, social media manager) have to take part in the two annual meetings of the editorial committee, which will be held in Wageningen (Netherlands). These meetings will last for between a day and a day and a half.
It should also be noted that the terms of the contract require 16 'reports' a year. The contractor can rely upon its network of correspondents in the ACP countries to produce them with or without travel within the allocated budget limit. The decision on whether or not journalists are sent to the field will be taken solely by the contractor depending upon its evaluation of the requirements.

9. Social networks: Will editorial content be published on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc.?

Answer: CTA has corporate accounts on various social networks, in particular Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but has not yet opened specific accounts for the Spore magazine. CTA will open Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts dedicated to Spore shortly. The contractor will assume responsibility for the community management of these accounts. To do so it will have to publish the editorial content of Spore on the three accounts (minor modification of the content is required to meet the requirements of the various social networks). The contractor will also have to answer any questions from readers and produce a quarterly report for each account containing key indicators on the performance of the content, audience growth and the web traffic generated.

10. What is the size of the database used for the monthly newsletters to be produced? What type of routing? Is this to be done by us or you? What tool and what type of tracking?

An electronic newsletter produced using the existing website content is sent to around 10,000 subscribers every month in English and French (5,400 subscribers for the English version and 4,400 for the French version). This has to be produced and sent by the contractor using CTA's MailChimp account. MailChimp enables the following actions to be carried out in particular:
- Track who opens the newsletter
- Track clicks in the plain-text version
- Track where subscribers go on Spore website

11. Advertising management – what business model is envisaged?

Answer: Up until now Spore has not carried commercial advertising. The business model has yet to be defined. CTA will rely on the contractor to provide it with appropriate advice and to help it to define a profitable strategy.

12. What do you mean by online and offline advertising management?

Answer: The marketing of advertising space in the print and electronic versions (website and electronic newsletter in particular).

13. Will the advertising revenues be shared?

Answer: The companies invited to submit a tender to the call for expressions of interest have to indicate in their tender a percentage for sharing the revenues generated from the sale of advertising space between the contractor and CTA.

14. Who defines the advertising pricing?

Answer: The pricing for advertising will be defined by the contractor (based on information provided by CTA) and submitted to CTA for approval.

15. What historical data exist on advertising revenues broken down by format, position and media (print and web)?

Answer: No historical data exist as Spore has never carried commercial advertising in the past. The breakdown by format, position and media has to be defined.

16. Is advertising management exclusive?

Answer: The contractor will conclude an exclusive advertising management agreement.

17. What about active accounts? Who manages them? Will the existing ones be taken over? Is there an exhaustive client list? Is there a blacklist?

Answer: There are no active accounts nor a blacklist.

18. What is Spore's target audience with regard to print and web?

Answer: Spore strives to reach a wide range of audiences that represent everyone involved in the agri-food sector in ACP countries. The majority of readers are from ACP countries. A small number of readers are from the EU or other regions.

At the moment, about 15% of the readership are women. The largest group of readers is between 36 and 49 years of age (41%), closely followed by those aged between 50 and 64 years (38%). A more assertive editorial strategy is needed to increase the proportion of women and youth in the readership.

Most of the readers of Spore have a university degree (93,9%) and work in various sectors of ACP agricultural and rural development.

19. Is only a free-of-charge circulation model used? Could paid-for subscription services be provided?

Answer: The current model is exclusively based on free-of-charge circulation. Paid-for subscription services are conceivable.

20. What about sales and distribution figures and print subscribers?

Answer: Spore is not sold at present. It is only circulated free-of-charge on a subscription basis. In terms of print subscribers, Spore has 16,000 subscribers to the French version and 18,500 to the English one.

21. Who manages circulation? What is our role in this respect? Who manages subscribers?

Answer: Circulation is managed by CTA. The contractor plays no specific role here.

22. Web audience – unique visitors and page views? How is this determined, Google Analytics or trusted third parties?

Answer: The readership of Spore website for the last 3 months (stats from Google Analytics) is as follows:

Unique visitors/month: 3,600 (on average)
Page views/month: 7,500 (on average)

However, these figures are on the increase as a new site was launched in January 2016. The new site is richer in terms of content and its refresh rate is higher than the old site (previously, the content was refreshed once every 2 months). The terms of the call for tenders require even more frequent content refreshment, which should improve performance in terms of audience.

Spore's web audience is not currently certified by a trusted third party but this is conceivable. A recommendation could be made by the companies invited to submit a tender to the call for expressions of interest.

23. Newsletters – are there online/newsletters circulation lists?

See answer to question 10.

24. Number of downloads of the magazines on the website?

Answer: Around 350 downloads a month.

25. Size of the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn communities.

Answer: Spore does not currently have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The community has to be established. The size of the communities of CTA's corporate accounts are as follows:

CTA Twitter accounts: 26,000
CTA FaceBook accounts: 23,000
CTA LinkedIn account: 4,500