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Participate in CTA’s AgriHack programme to advance e-agriculture entrepreneurship!

Call to investors

September 8, 2016

Join CTA in our efforts to help young entrepreneurs in developing ICT innovations and advancing e-agriculture. We are looking for investors to support the Pitch AgriHack activity, a new component of CTA’s long-standing AgriHack Talent programme.

The AgriHack Talent programme has involved more than 600 young innovators and entrepreneurs, supporting the creation of some ICT products and start-ups. CTA has been collaborating with ministries, ICT incubators, farmers' organisations and key national and international development organisations across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

What is Pitch AgriHack?

The first pilot of Pitch AgriHack is being implemented in collaboration with the African Development Bank and with the support of development partners and ICT incubators, including the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI), DevLabs and mLab East Africa. It will provide a business-training boot camp followed by a pitching competition for e-agriculture start-ups ran by youngsters, giving them the chance to win funding to help them consolidate, pilot or upscale their platforms and services.

A call for for start-ups to sign up has been launched. The physical event during which training and pitching will be organised will be held in Kenya from 22 to 24 November 2016.

What is the role of investors?

CTA will provide grants of up to €15,000 to some winning start-ups, as well as various opportunities.

We are inviting investors to help select which start-ups will eventually pitch during the main event, giving them an inside track on investment deals with best start-ups identified.

An investor can contribute by participating in this year's event as:
• a virtual judge to select the semi-finalists and finalists of the competition
• a judge during the pitching event
• as an attendee to identify investment opportunities and provide advice to teams.

What kind of investor are we looking for?

Ideal investors would be those that focus on agriculture and ICTs, on early stage start-ups, angel investors, impact investors and patient investors.

Over the next 4 years, CTA is looking for additional resources to be able to support 500 young ICT start-ups targeting the agrifood sector.

How to join us

If you are interested in participating in Pitch AgriHack 2016 as an investor, or for more information, get in touch with:
• Ken Lohento (ICT4D Programme Coordinator at CTA) at lohento@cta.int and
• Sheilah Birgen (m:lab East Africa Lead) at sheila@mlab.co.ke 

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