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CTA Top 20 Innovations that Benefit Smallholder Farmers: Guidebooks are out

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September 14, 2016

Discover how CTA's Top 20 innovations are making a difference in the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their families in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific:

- Download the CTA Top 20 innovations publication [5 MB]

- Download the ready-to-print posters

- Download the guidebooks below

 Adupko Cowpea AW WEB 1  Attah Farmerline AW WEB 1
Barakuk Onion Seed AW WEB 1 Biocontrol-Millet
 Chilenga Local fertilizer AW WEB 1  Dagno Bio Herbicide AW WEB 1
 Damba Digital Extension AW WEB 1  Degrande Rural Resource Centres AW WEB 1
 Hagan Chicken AW WEB 1  Kimathi Sunflower AW WEB 1
 Kohun Chicken Feed AW WEB 1  LaPlace Hydroponic AW WEB 1
 MFK Aflatoxin AW WEB 1  Mutunga Farmers Cooperative AW WEB 1
 Mwinama POMP AW WEB 1  Njoka Chelelang AW WEB 1
 Nkandu NUCAFE Farmer AW WEB 1  Nonie Cassava Dryer AW WEB 1
 Ouma M Fodder AW WEB 1  Petrykowska Tropical Weather Forecast AW WEB 1