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Botanic park to encourage student interest in agriculture

by Kevin Morales, Cayman 27, 31 Oct 2016

October 31, 2016

One way Cayman Islands students could be introduced to agriculture and horticulture is through the planned Children's Garden at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Frank Sound.

The issue of introducing agriculture to children was a topic discussed in detail at the recent Caribbean Week of Agriculture event held last week in Cayman.

The garden is slated to be just under one acre of land used for teaching children through hands-on activities. Plans include a planting zone each school in Cayman would have its own planting beds for students to grow crops.

"One of the most important aspects of the Children's Garden is getting our youth and our students, particularly, involved with agriculture and horticulture," Botanic Park General Manager John Lawrus said. "They will be able to grow seasonal crops. They can come back on a regular basis, check their crops, and also kind of have a friendly competition among the districts. And, hopefully, learning where their food comes from. Getting out of the technology world and getting their hands dirty and learning the value of time, patience, water and commitment."

Site preparation is scheduled to start in November.