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Farmers plead- put Agriculture back in schools

by Reshma Ragoonath, Cayman 27, 31 Oct 2016

October 31, 2016

If Cayman is going to ensure long-term control over its food supply and security, more young people need to embrace careers related to the food chain.
And Jethro Greene, Chief co-ordinator of the Caribbean Farmers Network, says that work must start in the schools.

Mr Greene attended last week's Caribbean Week of Agriculture, hosted in Cayman last week, says stereotypes like agriculture being a field for less academically inclined students must be broken because agriculture requires skill and intelligence.
He says greater emphasis was placed on agriculture in the school system years ago and leaders need to take a formal stand on the issue and put it back in the curriculum.

"Let us make a fundamental decision to ensure that agriculture is put in our school system from the nursery school right up. It does not require outside aid for that and that would be a fundamental step for that rather than talking politics," Mr Greene says.

Mr Greene adds every little bit counts and simple steps like backyard gardens and short crops in a grow box can help boost food security.