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Elisabeth Atangana

Chair of the Regional Platform of African Peasant Organizations (PROPAC)

Elisabeth Atangana is passionate about the need for effective associations to give a voice to producers and the importance of acknowledging women’s contribution to agriculture. She has been instrumental in shaping the farmers’ movement in her native Cameroon, as well as at regional and continental levels. A former head of the Pan African Farmers’ Organization (PAFO), she is currently President of the Regional Platform of Farmers’ and Producers’ Organizations of Central Africa (PROPAC), as well as Special Ambassador for Cooperatives at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Presentation (in French): Insertion socio-professionnelle des jeunes dans le secteur agrosylvopastoral: Cas du Centre de Formation Professionnelle des Entrepreneurs et Exploitants Agricoles et Ruraux de la CHASAADD

Elisabeth Atangana is a farmer by profession. In 1980 she established the Association of Women for Sustainable Development “Entre Nous” in the town of Esse; established the Chain of Solidarity and Support of Actions for Sustainable Development (CHASAADD-M) in 1991, the organization of integrated local development and vocational training center for farmers; and the creation of the Common Fund to Support Grassroots Organizations (FOCAOB), a specialized tool in rural finance created and managed by farmers themselves.

Since 1998, she has been involved in the establishment of the National Peasant Movement through the National Coordination of Peasant Organizations of Cameroon (CNOP-CAM) and in the process of creating the PROPAC (Sub-regional Platform of Peasant Organizations of Central Africa) in 2005, of which she has been the president until today.

Between October 2010 and September 2012, she acted as the first President of the Platform of the Pan-African Farmers Organization (PAFO). As President of the PAFO (Panafrican Famers Organizations), she was strongly involved in the training of trainers, responsible leaders of farmers' organizations in Cameroon and in the Central Africa region, notably through the creation of a vocational training center for trades Upstream and downstream of agro-pastoral and rural production. It has thus created a nursery for social actors of change, and has promoted the development of several peasant organizations, cooperatives, federations, NGOs for the provision of local services in rural areas.

On 29 May 2012, she was appointed as Special Ambassador for Cooperatives by FAO. She has made it a priority to take into account the specificity of women and rural youth in policies and strategies for sustainable development, as well as to work to develop vocational training and employment for young farmers and rural people.

Ms ATANGANA is committed to defending the interests of the equity of rural rights, the place of women and young people for security, food sovereignty, access to water, credit and land.