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Moussa Djagoudi

Agribusiness Officer and Regional project Coordinator at FAO Regional Office for Africa

Moussa Djagoudi has worked in FAO for more than 10 years in the field of formulation, implementation and monitoring of projects and programs for the development of value chains and food security. Currently based in Ghana, Djagoudi has worked in Benin, Senegal and Niger, where he received a certificate of recognition for his work in implementating food security projects.

Presentations (in French): 

Filières inclusives : concept et définitions
Filières inclusives : approche et méthodologie
Filières inclusives : Moteur des filières inclusives
Filières inclusives : Analyser les modèles d'affaire
Filières inclusives : Bâtir à partir des entreprises, le rôle des acheteurs 

Modèles d'affaires inclusifs : les domaines de priorités communes

Djagoudi also worked with NGOs in Africa such as CREPA, which became EAA (Water and Sanitation for Africa) and the NGO Songhai.

He holds a Diploma of Agricultural Engineer from the Higher School of Agronomy of the University of Lomé and a Diploma of Specialized Higher Education (DESS) in environmental protection and improvement of the systems of the Regional Center of Specialized Education In Agriculture (CRESA) of the Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey.

Djagoudi is also a trainer and is passionate about facilitating and moderating conferences, forums and technical meetings.

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