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Peter Bolt

Managing Director at DADTCO

Peter Bolt is a innovator with a long-term vision on how to revolutionize Africa's agricultural landscape. Profound knowledge of agricultural processing systems, specialized in cassava and rice processing and agriculture.

Presentation (in French): DADTCO: Créer la révolution verte du Manioc

Peter Bolt holds a bachelor degree in Tropical Applied Soil Science & Tropical Agri (Deventer State Agri College).

He gained over 40 years' experience of working on the essentials to develop breakthrough ideas for the commercialization of Africa's agriculture. Peter was Managing Director of a commodity trading company to and from Africa. He was Senior Rural Development Advisor and Project Manager for the Ministry of Development Cooperation of the Netherlands in: Mali (55,000 ha irrigated rice), Sierra Leone (20,000 ha floating rice), Cameroon (Head of a trial and seed production farm of 145 ha) and research work on rice and food crops (Cameroon).

Since 2002 (the start of the Company), Peter is CEO of DADTCO, a cassava processing company that combines commerce and smallholder farmers' development. DADTCO aim is to diminish the dependency on food imports by giving farmers realistic competitive markets for their products and at the same time guarantees that the production takes place in a sustainable and responsible way by using integrated soil fertility management systems (ISFM).