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Teofilo Tirson de Samussone Chilenge

DADTCO country Supply Chain Manager

Teofilo Tirson de Samussone Chilenge is the country Supply Chain Manager for the Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company (DADTCO).

Teofilo Tirson de Samussone Chilenge is a Mozambican citizen, born in 24/02/1984 at Maputo province. He did his Bachelor in Agricultural science in 2007 and Master in business and administration in 2013. He worked firstly as part-time at PAMA (Program of Support to Agricultural Markets) where he stays for a year and after that he was invited to join Green Resources which is Africa's largest forestation company and a leader in East African wood manufacturing. Between 2007-14 Teofilo worked at Green Resources as assistant plantation manager and in 2012 he become Mapping and Inventory Manager for Green Resources Mozambique.

He joins Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company (DADTCO) in 2014, as a country Supply Chain Manager with a purpose of securing a long term, reliable root supply, maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders and building a motivated team. Since he joins DADTCO he had been organizing supplying group of farmers around the areas DADTCO operates, with partners they had been providing extension services and improved stem materials to DMM farmers, sharing information on cassava growing practices and different varieties, spreading the message of DMM (DADTCO Mandioca Mozambique), sharing information on agriculture practices in the district, collaboration with extension services, alignment on extension message on cassava, planning and logistics for roots supplying according to customer demand and guidance on strategic level and content of the job.