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PAFO appreciates partners’ contribution in agricultural development

SACAU Newsletter April 2017

June 13, 2017

The Pan-African Farmers’ Organisation (PAFO) expressed its appreciation to its development partners. The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) more specifically, was appreciated for its important role in the development of agriculture in the continent.

Leaders of PAFO who recently met in Niamey, Niger acknowledged that CTA has been instrumental in ensuring that smallholder farmers can access relevant information on production as well as marketing of their produce. The leaders further indicated that CTA should be applauded for facilitating knowledge sharing among farmers utilising the structures of organised agriculture in the continent. In addition, PAFO recognised and appreciated the direct technical and financial support CTA provides to farmers at continental, regional and national level and such support has led to shifting the paradigm of practicing agriculture.

Through the work of CTA in Africa, there has been a broadening of horizons on technology, data, side-industries such as agritourism, education and training, research and financing. CTA has also served as a library and data center for knowledge management and sharing as well as a strategic guide to experts on agricultural development, ICTs, organisational planning and environment scanning in the sector.

Lastly, PAFO leaders expressed their hopes for the continued and strengthened relationship with CTA in years to come and called for the European Commission to continue supporting CTA to implement its activities and mandate in Africa.