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Strengthening Climate and Disaster Resilience in Africa for Sustainable Development

AMCOMET Africa Hydromet Forum 2017

September 11, 2017

By 2050 global food production will need to double to combat hunger, malnutrition, and to meet the needs of a growing population. Data has the potential to contribute to solving agriculture and nutrition challenges.  It is within this context and the GODAN Action project that CTA, RCMRD and partners will host a side event titled “Leveraging Weather Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Challenges in Africa” on 12 September 2017 during the the 2017 AMCOMET-Africa Hydromet Forum.

The Forum  is being convened under the leadership of the African Union Commission, The Federal Government of Ethiopia, AMCOMET, WMO, World Bank, African Development Bank, AFD, UNDP and WFP. The purpose of the conference is to bring together high level representatives from African governments, technical institutions, civil society, private sector, media and user groups to deliberate and provide insight on how existing weather, water and climate information strategies and programs can be harnessed to achieve sustainable development in the continent. 

Access to open data and particularly weather related data was identified as a key factor in transforming Agriculture and Nutrition by the G8 in 2013. The Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative was founded then and shortly afterwards a specific initiative covering open data standard interoperability, implementation assessment and capacity building was initiated, being GODAN Action.

Around the world, weather data are being used to produce food at lower environmental and social costs. Open weather data can achieve impact in agriculture and nutrition when applied to forecasting services; risk transfer schemes such as index insurance; agriculture monitoring and alerting technologies. Therefore, weather data should become more widely accessible to intermediaries to allow them to develop agriculture services and this in practice would mean that (national) weather services could strongly support this process by releasing weather data as open data.

The GODAN Action side event is therefore aimed at raising awareness on the potential benefits of weather data and encouraging the release of weather data as open data using case studies and experiences of actors already active in this area. The GODAN Action project is  supported by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), led by Wageningen Environmental Research with international partners AgroKnowCTALand PortalODIFAOIDS and AidData

The Forum will draw on best practices and lessons from implementation of existing strategies and will propose concrete actions to address the weather, water and climate challenges facing Africa.

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The AMCOMET-Africa Hydromet Forum is being convened under the leadership of the African Union Commission in partnership with the Federal Government of Ethiopia, AMCOMET, WMO, World Bank, African Development Bank, AFD, UNDP and WFP.