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Satellite data on your mobile

January 24, 2018

With access to satellite data, Ugandan farmers get crucial information about weather conditions and agronomic tips about their fields. See how CTA’s MUIIS project was featured in the Robo Sapiens programme of the Dutch broadcaster VPRO.

Climate change makes weather events less predictable and threatens the income of farmers. In Uganda artificial intelligence helps farmers understand when the best time to sow is, apply agro-inputs or harvest. If upon all these technologies, the season fails, the subscribed farmer is still covered by index base insurance that is based on satellite data.

MUIIS project (Market-led User-owned ICT4Ag enabled Information Service), led by CTA, implemented through the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility of the Netherlands Space Office (NSO), provides this service to farmers and trains them on how to interpret the data they receive right on their mobile phones.

“With the phone in your hand, you get the information about the weather. And you get to know if you can sell your produce, where you can sell it and what the market price is,” says one of the MUIIS Service Agents (MSAs) to a group of farmers.