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Blockchain, a technology with big potential for farmers and value chains actors

ICT4Ag Outlook Expert Meeting, 9-11 October 2017, Rhenen, Netherlands

November 2, 2017

During a recent CTA ICT4Ag Outlook workshop, three topics were discussed: start-up financing, 3D printing and blockchain. Blockchain has emerged in recent years with exciting potential for ACP countries. The exchanges focused on this new technology in order to help develop better understanding and to discuss its benefits and actual limitations.

September 11, 2017

By 2050 global food production will need to double to combat hunger, malnutrition, and to meet the needs of a growing population. Data has the potential to contribute to solving agriculture and nutrition challenges.  It is within this context and the GODAN Action project that CTA, RCMRD and partners will host a side event titled “Leveraging Weather Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Challenges in Africa” on 12 September 2017 during the the 2017 AMCOMET-Africa Hydromet Forum.

August 30, 2017

ICTS are changing the lives of millions of ACP farmers, allowing them to transfer money, call input dealers to order supplies and negotiate prices with traders, all without having to leave their farm. Whilst access to smartphones, network signal and internet in some rural areas may still be limited, the use of basic feature phones is widespread and the accessibility of mobile phone services is rapidly improving.

August 8, 2017

In my years in both the manned and unmanned aerial survey environment, I have seen the importance of mapping for the farmer. Farmers rely heavily on this information for planning and management. Some may say that farmers are the first geographic information systems (GIS) users despite them not using computers, fancy software or satellite data. To manage large tracts of land requires planning and data, as it is nearly impossible to tackle such operations as they arise or ad hoc.