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February 8, 2018

Over the last two years CTA’s Youth leading learning in climate-resilient value chains in the Pacific (YLLP) project has supported a variety of activities aimed at improving livelihood opportunities for young farmers by training them on using ICTs to promote organic farming practices. The project was launched in 2015 by POETCOM/SPC following a CTA grant won by that organisation. It builds on activities of IFAD’s Capacity building for resilient agriculture in the Pacific (CBRAP) project, implemented by POETCOM, which supports young farmers working with producer organisations in nine Pacific countries, including Tonga and Vanuatu, to learn climate-resilient agricultural practices.

December 18, 2017

A new platform launched by CTA - Apps4Ag Database - provides a comprehensive, up-to-date information for investors and development practitioners who want to support the integration of ICTs in food value chains. The responsive database helps users to compare different services provided by hundreds of web, audio, video and mobile applications in the agricultural sector.