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December 7, 2016

We often tell you about training events in these web articles, but we don’t always get the chance to report on the work done by our partners who attend them. Reporting was, in fact, the focus of one recent course, through which CTA trained journalists to better access good-quality open data to inform their articles. So in the spirit of good reporting, we are pleased to share some of the excellent journalism that has already come out of this group.

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How we are supporting open access

October 26, 2016

At CTA we have been working for a number of years on how to make agricultural information available, accessible and applicable. We have been involved in providing guidance through initiatives such as CIARD on how to provide unrestricted access to scholarly and scientific research outputs online through two broad avenues: Open Access (OA) Self-Archiving; and Open Access Publishing, referred to as Green OA and Gold OA, respectively. We are currently hosting the CIARD site and supporting the update of the good practices in online publishing through the CIARD pathways.

September 8, 2016

The Global Open Data for Agriculture & Nutrition (GODAN) Summit is set to take place in New York, on 15 and 16 September. CTA, as one of the main sponsors of the Summit, is keenly anticipating the momentum that the event will catalyse towards opening up data on agriculture and nutrition. Join the largest event ever planned for open data in agriculture and nutrition.