10 Oct

Agricultural and rural development events

X International Symposium on Banana / ISHS-ProMusa symposium: Agroecological approaches to promote innovative banana production systems

Montpellier, France

ishs promusa2016 cirad2

The symposium is organized by ProMusa and hosted by the Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD). The main objective of the symposium is to take stock of current scientific knowledge and technical advances in the deployment of agroecological approaches in banana production, and how these can contribute to the development of innovative sustainable production systems. Participants will share the results of their scientific research on bananas, along with the technical, strategic or organizational options they implement at the field scale, the farm level or at supra scales (region, territory) to promote agroecological approaches and provide added value for establishing more sustainable banana agroecosystems.

Speakers: Dr Manuel Blouin, Dr Stephane Declerck Dr Paolo Bàrberi, Dr Jean-Luc Chotte, Dr Philippe Tixier, Dr Christian Bockstaller, Mr Sébastien Zanoletti

Registration: open
Abstract submission deadline: 29 February 2016
Website: http://ishs-promusa2016.cirad.fr/
Contact: Karen Lehrer (k.lehrer@cgiar.org)