About AGRF2017

The AGRF is a premier platform that pulls together stakeholders in the African agricultural landscape to take practical actions and share lessons that will move African agriculture forward. Attended by African Heads of State, ministers, farmer organizations, private agribusinesses, financial institutions, researchers, development partners, NGOs, and civil society, the AGRF is a unique multi-disciplinary forum that is fast becoming one of the largest agricultural fora globally.

Since its inception in 2010, the AGRF has grown in scope and focus to become the platform of choice for thought leaders to influence and drive an inclusive agricultural transformation in Africa. It adds value for smallholder farming by promoting investments and policy support for driving agricultural productivity and income growth for African farmers in a sustainable way. It has since become an action-oriented, platform where concrete plans are developed, and implementation on progress is monitored and evaluated toward scaling up investments and innovation for sustainable agricultural growth and food security in Africa.

As a partner of AGRF 2017, CTA will be demonstrating how innovations in sustainable agriculture can help to strengthen food security, resilience, and inclusive economic growth, especially when young people are involved in shaping the future of the sector through the use of ICTs. CTA will co-organise panels on youth in agriculture, ICT in agriculture and agricultural policies.

During the event, winners will be chosen of the West Africa Pitch AgriHack! competition, which was launched in June as part of CTA's efforts to help transform the agriculture sector and promote youth employment. Partners include the investment club EIC Corporation and the innovation hubs Suguba and Jokkolabs Abidjan. The contest attracted 130 applications from young e-agripreneurs, whose start-ups offer services and platforms to tackle a whole range of issues currently limiting agriculture and rural development. The 25 finalists, who will receive training during the Forum and have a unique opportunity to interact with business leaders and policy makers, will be asked to pitch their solutions to a jury of development partners and potential investors, with the opportunity to win funding, access investment and receive help in developing and promoting their business.