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European Development Days (EDD)

CTA Director Michael Hailu will be a part of the session Innovative agriculture for next generation farms: Sparking youth interest in technology-driven agriculture and achieving food security at this year’s European Development Days in Brussels. It will take place on 7 June as part of the theme on Partnering with the Private Sector.

Technology is changing farming – again. Technology-driven "farming 2.0" promises to optimise production and improve food security, as well as to regenerate youth employment in countries where agriculture has fallen into a period of skills shortages and abandonment. Mr Hailu will join a debate at this year's European Development Days to investigate how these high-tech promises can make it into the field.

Technology-driven farming is crucial because it speaks to agriculture's toughest question: how will farmers produce enough food for an ever growing and more demanding population, while using the same resources sustainably? Instead of a single answer, the next generation of farming offers many different ideas. Whether based on information and communications technology, unmanned aerial systems, or alternative energy sources, these ideas are all guided by the adaptable spirit of innovation.

African agricultural start-ups have generated a large share of ideas, and their successes are guiding examples for the rest of the continent. At the same time, Africans are not alone in creating the farming tools of the future. Both European and African farmers are entering a time of technological change, and with strong partnerships to share innovations on both sides, they have the opportunity to enter it together.

EU and African countries alike need to quickly find the right policies for the times. These will be policies that acknowledge, embrace and support the development of agricultural technologies. They will also need to ensure the sustainability of these technologies and of agriculture as a whole. And they should do it with the involvement of young farmers, who are in the best position to lead the way.

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Check out the European Development Days full programme of events

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