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International Year of Family Farming

How can value chain finance help to build profitable family farms ?

Sustainable and equitable growth is only possible when rural areas are made to prosper, which in turn requires family farms to emerge as market-oriented, profitable enterprises. But to be able to engage with markets, farmers need, alongside other conditions, access to finance – finance to invest in their farms, to buy the inputs they need, and to market their produce when they feel the time is best rather than when they are pressed for cash. 

Stories from the ground

Agricultural Financing and Insurance System in Haiti (SYFAAH)

Farm credit for women

Farm credit offers new viable opportunities for the Haitian rural sector now that a yearned-for dream of women farmers has been fulfilled. At last, the hopes of women farmers have been realised against the background of the SYFAAH, where relevant gender-blind agricultural credit is on offer. The SYFAAH structure allows women to obtain: agricultural credit from a Haitian financial institution, technical advice from a qualified SYFAAH agricultural scientist and access to rice crop insurance so that women can now make a sizeable contribution to household incomes in Haiti.

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Profitable family farming: the way forward

2014 has been celebrated as the International Year of Family Farming, demonstrating the growing recognition among the international community of the need to reposition family farming at the centre of agricultural, environmental and social policies.

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