Commercial value chain integration

International Year of Family Farming

How can family farms integrate into and benefit from commercial value chains?

What are the characteristics of family farms in ACP countries? First, poorer family farms generally use their limited resources to meet immediate family needs rather than fund agricultural production. 

Stories from the ground

Carving out a future, with kava

Carving out a future with kava

Twenty-two year old Josepho Malang Buleban, from the island of Pentecost in the northern part of the Vanuatu archipelago, has used his farming skills and accountancy training to become a prominent kava farmer in his community and a successful business owner in the capital city of Port-Vila, Vanuatu.

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Profitable family farming: the way forward

2014 has been celebrated as the International Year of Family Farming, demonstrating the growing recognition among the international community of the need to reposition family farming at the centre of agricultural, environmental and social policies.

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M. Vincent Fautrel
Senior Programme Coordinator
Agri Trade and Value Chain Development