The Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme (Intra-ACP APP) focuses on the Caribbean and the Pacific and aims to address the common problems faced in the two regions by targeting specific issues related to agriculture development. It achieves this by promoting the development of smallholder agriculture through its closer integration into local, national, regional and - where appropriate - global markets.

The Intra-ACP APP - a €20 million initiative for 4 years (2013-2016) funded by the 10th European Development Fund - provides a common platform where Caribbean and Pacific policymakers, technical experts, and other stakeholders can share, exchange and learn effectively from their experiences in agriculture and rural development.

Composed of many Small Island Developing States (SIDS), both regions share similar challenges including being impacted by climate change, natural disasters, high food import bills, small internal markets and reliance on a few export commodities.

In the developing states of the Caribbean and Pacific regions, the acceleration of social and economic change over the past two decades has undermined both subsistence and commercial plantation agriculture, while new crops, production structures and markets have not emerged as viable economic alternatives. Smallholder agriculture has been particularly affected, weakening rural communities, while food insecurity has increased and nutrition has suffered as dietary habits from outside the region have proliferated.

Addressing current and future challenges in the two regions requires a departure from a business-as-usual approach. It is against this backdrop that CTA are organising a Caribbean and Pacific Agri-Food Forum that will bring together diverse actors from the agri-food system to engage in collective action that can help to spur innovative and transformative agricultural and rural development in the Caribbean and Pacific SIDS.

The Forum, to be held in in Bridgetown, Barbados, during 2 to 6 November, 2015, will have a strong focus on action-oriented approaches and people-centred solutions covering areas that include building a successful agribusiness company, youth entrepreneurship and social media, inclusive value chain development, ICTs for fisheries, policy advocacy for Caribbean and Pacific farmers' leaders, access to finance, strengthening the link between agriculture and nutrition, and successful initiatives to counter climate change.

Knowledge exchange will be a central feature of all activities planned during and after the Caribbean-Pacific Agri-Food Forum, and this approach is expected to lead to new links and dynamics, including between the regions.

Immediately following the Forum, a group of Caribbean and Pacific participants will also take part in a 5-day learning journey in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Jamaica looking at profitable and sustainable value chains in the Caribbean, with a focus on roots and tubers.

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