CTA Regional Business Plans


While CTA continues to work on global programmes, it has chosen to refocus many of its activities at the regional level, clustering interventions around the priorities of each region. CTA works in six ACP regions: the Caribbean, central Africa, eastern Africa, the Pacific, southern Africa and western Africa.

Regional Business Plan for the Pacific

Building high-potential and climate change­‐resilient agricultural value chains, and improving the agriculture-nutrition pathway

Based on the specific challenges facing the region, this Regional Business Plan focuses on a single key priority intervention area: building sustainable and climate‐change resilient agricultural value chains.

Regional Business Plan for the Caribbean

Building sustainable agricultural value chains and climate-resilient, nutrition-sensitive food systems

Based on the challenges and opportunities facing the region, the Business Plan will focus on two interrelated key priority intervention areas in the Caribbean: developing sustainable agricultural value chains and market links and building climate-resilient and nutritionsensitive food systems.