Flagship projects

Our Programmes

CTA has a new way of doing business. The organisation is introducing six new flagship projects to increase agricultural productivity, contribute to more-efficient and inclusive agricultural value chains and markets, and promote climate-smart agriculture.

CTA’s flagship project in Southern Africa seeks to promote the scaling up of four specific proven climate-resistant solutions for cereal and livestock farmers: drought-tolerant seeds, improved climate information services, diversified options for livestock farmers, and innovative weather-based insurance for crops and livestock.

Enhancing intra-regional grain value chains in West Africa will complement the many, often large, initiatives of other agencies that work on the grain trade in the West African region. With a specific focus on maize, sorghum, millet and rice, the project will target farmers, the private sector and governments with a three-step approach to boost outputs from farms and the business around the grain market.

Our programmes


CTA has organised its activities under two operational programmes: Policies, Markets, and Information & Communication Technologies (PMI) 


Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC)


The PMI and KMC programmes are supported by a unit devoted to promoting organisational learning and effective monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment (LME).