Knowledge Management and Communication


The Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) programme contributes to CTA’s strategic goal 3: Enhanced information, communications and knowledge management (ICKM) capacity of ACP organisations that are engaged in national and regional ACP agricultural policy processes and agricultural value chain development.  

The programme comprises the following master projects:  

Access to timely information and knowledge and the capacity to properly use these in decision-making are critical in enabling agricultural and rural development (ARD) actors to contribute effectively to the development of agriculture in ACP countries and regions. Sharing knowledge within and between organisations and networks is essential for those actors to be able to better respond to the challenges of agribusiness, food and nutrition security and climate change. They need to adopt best practices, use up-to-date technologies and actively participate in value chain development and policy processes to build an agriculture and agribusiness sector that can compete on regional and international markets.

The capacity of ACP institutions to tackle agricultural and rural development challenges largely depends on their ability to mobilise and use their own knowledge and experiences as well as knowledge and experiences of other development actors within and outside of the ACP regions. Such knowledge is essential in engaging in policy processes and value chain development. Sound knowledge management (KM), which is at the core of effective empowerment of ACP actors in agricultural and rural development, comprises people, processes and technology, while approaches to improving the exchange of knowledge need to build on sound communication strategies, learning approaches and good information management practices.

Our programmes


CTA has organised its activities under two operational programmes: Policies, Markets, and Information & Communication Technologies (PMI) 


Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC)


The PMI and KMC programmes are supported by a unit devoted to promoting organisational learning and effective monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment (LME).