Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation


The LME Unit ensures that CTA’s annual work programme is consistent with the Centre’s Strategic Plan, while responsibility for monitoring of outputs, outcomes and impact is shared with the PMI and KMC programmes. It ensures that the corporate planning and strategy documents and monitoring reports are coherent and produced on time. The Unit organises periodic evaluations of projects that provide essential feedback to programmes, management and the Executive Board, allowing CTA to make any mid-course adjustments that might be required. 

August 12, 2016

During the past 4 years, more than at any time in its past, CTA has invested in external reviews of its major activities and programmes. As a learning organisation, CTA strives to draw lessons from its activities, particularly its successes but also to review and strengthen any shortcomings. While continuing with the long-established practice of conducting evaluations using set criteria, CTA has diversified its approach to also invest in a number of impact studies. As well as helping CTA to identify specific achievements, these evaluations and impact studies have provided important lessons, many of which have been used to improve the organisation’s operations and to shape the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

Our programmes


CTA has organised its activities under two operational programmes: Policies, Markets, and Information & Communication Technologies (PMI) 


Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC)


The PMI and KMC programmes are supported by a unit devoted to promoting organisational learning and effective monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment (LME).