Climate smart agriculture


CTA Invests in Smart Agriculture

Published in The AgriCoop Newspaper, January 2018, by Gloria Siwisha

January 22, 2018

The Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA), has invested over €449, 000 euros in scaling up climate smart agricultural solutions for cereals and livestock smallholder farmers in Zambia.

EU helping smallholder farmers become climate smart

"Scaling-up Climate Solutions for Cereal and Livestock smallholder Farmers in Southern Africa", 23-25 November, Johannesburg, South Africa

January 22, 2018

Agriculture is a source of and solution to climate change. Convinced that agriculture can help achieve global goals of adaptation and mitigation to climate change, the European Union (EU) is supporting CTA to help smallholder farmers in Southern Africa become climate smart. 

The power of indigenous knowledge in strengthening climate resilience

Publication: 'Indigenous knowledge systems and climate change management in Africa'

January 12, 2018

A new CTA publication on ‘Indigenous knowledge systems and climate change management in Africa’ was enthusiastically received at its recent formal launch in Johannesburg, South Africa during the 4th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture on 28-30 November 2017. At the launch, the publication’s co-editors, CTA’s Dr Oluyede Ajayi, Senior Programme Coordinator and Professor Mafongoya, at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, explained the importance of documenting knowledge accumulated by generations of indigenous people to effectively address the climate challenges faced by smallholder farmers in ACP regions.

Spreading the word: the benefits of effective knowledge management

23-25 November, Johannesburg, South Africa

January 3, 2018

Krishan Bheenick, Senior Programme Coordinator of Knowledge Management at CTA, explains the value of knowledge management techniques such as experience capitalisation, which are being introduced as part of CTA’s Southern Africa Flagship Project with the aim to build smallholder farmers’ resilience through the adoption of climate smart agriculture. Experience capitalisation encourages people to reflect on their practices and understand the reasoning behind certain decisions, failures and successes. It ultimately provides the opportunity to learn from experiences and share these lessons.