Knowledge management


Spreading the word: the benefits of effective knowledge management

23-25 November, Johannesburg, South Africa

January 3, 2018

Krishan Bheenick, Senior Programme Coordinator of Knowledge Management at CTA, explains the value of knowledge management techniques such as experience capitalisation, which are being introduced as part of CTA’s Southern Africa Flagship Project with the aim to build smallholder farmers’ resilience through the adoption of climate smart agriculture. Experience capitalisation encourages people to reflect on their practices and understand the reasoning behind certain decisions, failures and successes. It ultimately provides the opportunity to learn from experiences and share these lessons.

July 11, 2016

Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) self-learners now total 153,739, an increase of over 35% since 2010. New courses are currently being developed, and efforts accelerated to make IMARK Open Educational Resources (OERs) open access. 

Virtual communities – online knowledge sharing to support agritourism

Studies reveal how digital platforms can build tourism led agribusiness linkages

March 1, 2016

Two studies commissioned by CTA have revealed how online knowledge‑sharing platforms can support the development of tourism‑led agribusiness. The studies, based in the South Pacific and Caribbean regions, revealed keen local interest from agricultural and tourism sectors that would benefit from linkages created by a digital community.