Opportunities for co-publishing

The ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) (co)publishes information products in English and French to provide access to knowledge on agriculture and rural development (ARD), strengthen the capacity of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) institutions and communities in ARD policies and value chain development, and facilitate decisions and actions.

In accordance with its Strategic Plan (SP) for 2016-2020, the CTA (co)publishing programme gives priority to:

  • The development of co-publishing partnerships with ACP and EU publishers and organisations
  • The promotion of content written by ACP authors, in particular women and youth under 35 years old, and published by ACP publishers
  • Content that can be shared freely, notably in electronic format
  • Multi-media products
  • Information products on:
    • Agricultural Value Chains
    • Agricultural and rural development policies and strategies
    • Information, communication and knowledge management (ICKM) for agricultural and rural development
    • Gender and youth issues relating to agricultural and rural development.
  • Co-published products are listed in CTA's publication catalogue and distributed free of charge through CTA's publication dissemination services

What CTA (co)publishing programme supports

CTA supports the following co-publishing options (print, electronic and/or multimedia):

  • buy-back (purchase of copies)
  • dissemination agreement
  • co-funding of a stand-alone publication
  • co-funding of a series of publications.

What CTA (co)publishing programme does not support

The CTA (co)publishing programme does not support:

  • proceedings of meetings or conferences, even when these involve the participation of CTA
  • scientific journals
  • periodicals published by other publishers/organisations
  • the institutional publications of other organisations e.g. annual reports.

How to apply for co-publishing support from CTA

To apply for co-publishing support, an applicant must be either an ACP or EU professional publisher, or an ACP, EU or international organisation with occasional publishing activities. ACP or EU independent authors shall beforehand secure the interest of a publisher who will approach and submit the request to CTA.

Applicants must complete the CTA Co-publishing Application Form, which can be downloaded here or requested from publishing@cta.int.

The application form duly completed must be returned to CTA with all the information required and relevant supporting documents listed at the end of the form. Application forms can be sent to CTA at any time.

How are applications assessed?

Applications are assessed by CTA's Information Products Committee (IPC). The IPC meets every two months.

Only fully completed applications are considered by the IPC. Incomplete applications are not considered.

The evaluation criteria taken into account by the IPC include:

  • relevance to the priorities of CTA's Strategic Plan
  • relevance to one of CTA's thematic areas
  • language(s): English and/or French
  • editorial quality
  • adequacy of the content to the target audience(s)
  • content quality (expertise of author(s) in the subject matter; peer-reviewed content)
  • innovativeness
  • geographical coverage (topic relevant to one or more ACP regions)
  • existence/availability of the electronic version.

IPC's decisions are communicated by e-mail to applicants. There are three possible outcomes of an application: positive, negative or pending if the IPC requires further information from the applicant.