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The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report

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Enterprise development support is helping digital entrepreneurs in Africa take off

The growing demand for unmanned aerial systems – more commonly called drones – to improve crop management and agricultural productivity is creating opportunities for digital start-ups across Africa. As part of the project Transforming African agriculture: Eyes in the sky, smart techs on the ground, CTA is working with 35 drone enterprises in 19 countries to develop their business management skills in collaboration with professional services advisors such as Ernst & Young.

E-extension leads to higher yields: e-Granary benefits smallholder farmers in Kenya

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Semi-finalists of Pitch AgriHack 2019 announced

Semi-finalists have been selected for Pitch AgriHack 2019, the annual competition that awards young entrepreneurs in ICTs for agriculture (ICT4Ag). The competition supports entrepreneurs through capacity building and funding to accelerate youth employment and agricultural transformation.

Finalising youth entrepreneurship actions as part of the PEJERIZ project

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Realising climate gains from smallholder chicken farming in Africa

There is hardly a document on African climate change issues that does not portray livestock husbandry in a negative light - responsible for emitting substantial quantities of greenhouse gases. While it is true that some livestock play a role in generating greenhouse gases, this is not the case across the entire sector. Chickens are among the few domestic animals that have a low environmental impact and carbon footprint, and research is moving forward to develop climate-smart poultry production for African smallholders.

Catch them young – young farmers trigger climate-smart agriculture in Zimbabwe

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