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Open data for agriculture: Towards improved collaboration between agriculture researchers and weather data providers

Weather represents the greatest opportunity – and risk – in the agriculture sector. Climate change presents major risks for long-term food security and developing countries may suffer the greatest share of damage in the form of declining yields and greater frequency of extreme weather events.

Creating global value through high-impact crowdlending for unbanked farmers

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Recognising the successes of Africa’s dairy sector

Africa’s dairy industry is faced with a number of challenges, including low productivity per cow, fluctuating milk production, inconsistent milk quality, the high cost of production, inefficiencies along the value chain and a large informal sector. Nevertheless, the dairy value chain is one of the most dynamic sectors in East Africa and critical to the country’s rural economy. Driven by population growth, urbanisation and improved purchasing power, the regional demand for dairy is growing by at least 2.2% each year.

How blockchain technology helps young Caribbean farmers access finance

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Agrometeorological advisory services for improved climate resilience in Africa

Agriculture is the backbone of Ethiopia and Mali and provides a living for most people in both countries. But climate change is already having an impact on food security as a result of increased extreme events and unpredictable weather patterns. Agrometeorological advisory services are helping some farmers to increase production despite the challenges.

Multi-stakeholder platforms and alliances advance climate-smart agriculture in Africa

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