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Project increases Ugandan smallholder yields and incomes by 70%

Kampala, Uganda February 13. Leveraging big data, a CTA-led project has significantly increased crop yields and incomes for thousands of Ugandan smallholder farmers.

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Agri-wallet, a wallet for smallholder farmers

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Crowdfunding, a new agricultural investment model driven by young entrepreneurs

Faced with the lack of available finance for agricultural businesses from traditional banks, innovative entrepreneurs are turning to digital technology to access investment from the general public. Crowdfunding platforms have many advantages, but also entail some risks if there is to be trouble-free development of this alternative source of finance.

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A passion for storytelling about youth in African agribusiness

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Adopting climate-smart agricultural innovations in Southern Africa: Knowledge alone is not enough

Some say that knowledge is power. In the knowledge age, information and ideas are touted as raw materials that are as important as other tangible resources such as land, labour and money. In the agriculture sector, this is also true, with information playing key roles in farmer adaptation and resilience building. But recent experiences from a field project to upscale climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in Southern Africa show that by itself, knowledge of proven climate smart agricultural innovation is not enough to ensure farmer uptake.

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Climate-smart agriculture - Producing more with less

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