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Unlocking the power of small-scale agriculture

Unlocking the power of small-scale agriculture

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Helping digital entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector to grow: insights from the CTA's AgriHack Talent initiative

In a sector as complicated as e-agriculture, supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs through mentoring and providing access to financing, is of particular importance.

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Farm Credibly, a Jamaican start-up among the 2018 Pitch AgriHack winners

Young Pitch AgriHack entrepreneurs awarded during Presidential Summit

Linking farmers to markets with just a click

Online platform improves the livelihood of small farmers in Ghana

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Exploring the transformative power of drones in Rwanda

On a windy day high up in the hilly country in Rwanda’s Northern Province, Paul Tuyisingize observes the rapid flight of a drone above his wheat fields with an expression of wonder and delight. “I’m very happy with this project,” he says as the drone’s multi-spectral sensor gathers information about the condition of his crop. “I think it will help me to increase my yields.”

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Data and drones in Uganda: CTA's new agribusiness project

Small drones in Africa: embracing the opportunities, overcoming the challenges

Raising awareness of agricultural UAVs in Africa

Accra 2016: Where Africa's Agribusiness Entrepreneurs Gather to do Business

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Farm Credibly, a Jamaican start-up among the 2018 Pitch AgriHack winners

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Pitch AgriHack seeks to promote greater engagement of young women

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Improving nutrition in the Pacific

Growing African agribusiness through peer learning

Marthe Montcho: Blogging for social change

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