The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) confirms closure by end of 2020.
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Flagship sites

Spore Magazine

Spore was a magazine published by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU in English, French and, for a time, in Portuguese. It covered a wide range of agricultural topics and was extensively distributed and widely reproduced throughout African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and elsewhere.

Spore archive

Archive of Spore Magazine until issue no. 177 - August-September 2015, In English, French and Portuguese.

ICT Update

Over the last 20 years, ICT Update has followed and reported on the rapidly changing landscape in ICTs for agriculture and digitalisation of the sector. ICT Update was a printed bulletin, a responsive web magazine and an accompanying email newsletter.

CTA Publications Catalogue

CTA Publishing included between 550 and 600 titles (co-)published by CTA in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili. CTA published and co-published printed, electronic and/or multimedia information products on various aspects of agriculture and rural development.

Annual reports

A year in review 2018

Accelerating Agricultural Transformation

A year in review 2017

Moving to next-generation farming

A year in review 2016

Shaping the future

Thematic sites


From Oct 2002 until Jan 2014, Agritrade was CTA's resource website for ACP-EU agriculture and fisheries trade issues.

Knowledge for Development

From April 2005 until April 2016, the K4D website has been supporting the policy dialogue on S&T for agricultural and rural development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.


Participatory Web 2.0 for development is a way of employing web services, in order to improve information sharing and collaborative production of content in the context of development.


Participatory 3D modelling is a community-based tool used by local communities. They decide what to do with the data as they are generated and used by the community for local development.

Project web sites

Brussels Briefings

Regular development Briefing sessions in Brussels on key issues and challenges for rural development in the context of EU-ACP cooperation co-organised by CTA and partners.

Brussels Weblog

The CTA Brussels weblog shared information on key ACP-EU programmes and events from Brussels relevant to agriculture and rural development in ACP countries.

Regional Policy Briefings

This blog shared information about Regional Policy Briefings organised in ACP countries. The ACP Regional Briefings were co-organised by CTA in cooperation with partners.


The Intra-ACP Agricultural Policy Programme is a broad technical cooperation framework focusing on the Caribbean and the Pacific and supports the reduction of poverty in the ACP countries through sustainable development and integration of smallholder agriculture into national, regional and global markets.


The information and communication technologies for agriculture (ICT4Ag) programme at CTA is based on the principle that ICTs are crucial tools to improve how any given sector functions.

MUIIS project

Market-led User-Owned ICT4Ag Enabled Information Service (MUIIS) is a project that uses the power of information and communication technologies and big data to support agricultural productivity in Uganda.

EDC project

Enhancing development through cooperatives

Experience capitalization

The term “experience capitalization” refers to the process by which a specific project or programme (or “an experience” in general) is described and analysed, and from which lessons are identified, shared and used to improve development interventions.

CTA Blogs

Social reporting blogs produced during past CTA organised or co-organised events.


Buidling capacity for knowledge management in ACP regions. CTA helps partners apply a knowledge management framework to their work.


ARDYIS est un cadre d'actions qui a pour but de renforcer les capacités et les opportunités des jeunes dans le seceur agricole à travers les TIC dans les pays ACP (Afrique, Caraibes, Pacifique).

Pitch AgriHack

Pitch AgriHack is part of the AgriHack Talent initiative of the CTA and aims at accelerating e-agriculture entrepreneurship for improved livelihoods in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.