The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) shut down its activities in December 2020 at the end of its mandate. The administrative closure of the Centre was completed in November 2021.

Cancellation Notice of Service Tender


Published on Monday, 17 September 2018.

Cancellation Notice of Service Tender: Provision of Enterprise Development Support to Beneficiaries of the Project “Transforming African Agriculture: Eyes in the Sky, Smart Techs on the Ground”

  1. Publication reference
    Provision of enterprise development support to beneficiaries of the project: ‘transforming African agriculture: eyes in the sky, smart techs on the ground’

  2. Date of publication
    24 July 2018

  3. Contracting authority
    The ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation (CTA)

  4. Reason for cancellation
    No bids were received within the set deadline (3 September 2018 @ 17h00). 
Indicative starting date:
16 September 2018 Cancelled
Deadline for receipt of tenders:
16 September 2018

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