Tuesday, 6 June 2017

CTA at EDD: championing youth and women agribusiness entrepreneurship in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries

A line-up of top international actors will meet to debate the theme of "Investing in Development" this week during European Development Days (EDD), Europe's leading forum on development and cooperation. The event, organised by the European Commission and held in Brussels, seeks to identify innovative pathways for sustainable development and forge new partnerships to drive strategies for tackling poverty. The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is participating in five events during the 2-day forum from June 7 to 8.

This year's EDD is expected to bring together more than 6000 participants from 140 countries, to take part in a programme that will include 21 high level panels, 55 debates, 16 brainstorming sessions, 76 stands and a wide range of side events. Speakers from the sectors of international development, government, business and civil society will be flanked by 16 young leaders representing the voice of youth.

A lab on the theme of sustainable investment will draw on CTA's experience with a number of initiatives in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries aimed at promoting inclusive trade and development. The event comes at a time of significant economic growth in many ACP states, especially in Africa, offering valuable opportunities for investment and sustainable development.

A workshop on promoting inclusive trade in Africa, co-organised by CTA, will explore the scope for boosting cross-border trade through simplified trade regimes. This approach holds special potential for women and youth, who make up the majority of Africa's informal economy and are regularly hampered by harassment, corruption, and difficulties in obtaining travel and transport documents.

Highlighting the potential for tapping into Africa's surging youth population to promote job creation in the agribusiness sector, a session will discuss innovative ways of creating opportunities for small and medium enterprises run by young people, and the impact these can have on incomes, growth and social stability.

Still on the critical issue of youth, a separate event will seek to spur the interest of young people in technology-driven agriculture, leading to better career prospects and stronger food security as a result.

Last but not least, a session planned around the theme of women entrepreneurs will focus on case studies of ACP women who have set up successful agribusinesses. Panellists will debate winning approaches and best practices - and discuss how policy-makers can do more to support women in rural areas to launch and expand viable income generating activities.

"Each year, European Development Days provides an excellent platform for the development community to share innovative solutions, and this edition promises to be more interactive than ever," said Michael Hailu, Director of CTA. "CTA's contribution will be to support sharing of successful and innovative experiences, focusing on women and youth, who have so much to offer in tackling the challenges of job creation and economic growth by transforming agriculture."


CTA at EDD 2017


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