European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - EU and Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific partners reaffirm commitment for sustainable ocean governance


European Commission - Press Release details page - European Commission - Statement Malta, 6 October 2017 In the framework of the 'Our Ocean' Conference, the European Union and the group of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states have reaffirmed today their support to the implementation of SDG 14 and have stressed their commitment to an ambitious, long-term vision


Kenyan mobile platform matches supply with demand

To reduce fragmentation in the produce market, a mobile-based platform is supplying vendors in Kenya with fresh fruit and vegetables and providing a steady market for smallholders.

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Crowdfunding, a new agricultural investment model driven by young entrepreneurs

Faced with the lack of available finance for agricultural businesses from traditional banks, innovative entrepreneurs are turning to digital technology to access investment from the general public. Crowdfunding platforms have many advantages, but also entail some risks if there is to be trouble-free development of this alternative source of finance.

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Project increases Ugandan smallholder yields and incomes by 70%

Kampala, Uganda February 13. Leveraging big data, a CTA-led project has significantly increased crop yields and incomes for thousands of Ugandan smallholder farmers.

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Stagiaire Chaînes de valeur agricoles Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre

Le CTA recherche un stagiaire pour travailler en appui à la gestion d’un portefeuille de projets agricoles en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre.

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